At IMQ Ibérica we offer you all the possible certifications of the IMQ Group, covering all types of sector and standards and being a global solution to the certification needs of companies.

In addition to general Certification and CE Marking services, we also offer other services for specific sectors, as well as IMQ Ibérica's own and unique services and / or assistance in the procedures related to certification to be able to import or export products.

Management systems

A management system is a set of rules and procedures, which are defined by an internationally recognized standard, that an organization can apply in order to achieve pre-defined objectives, such as customer satisfaction and continuous performance improvement of the same, obtaining innumerable advantages for a business organization.

This globally recognized standard is the standards published by ISO (International Organization for Standardization).

CSQ is the area for the certification of ISO management systems within the IMQ Group.


IMQ Ibérica Business School

IMQ Ibérica makes its multidisciplinary experience available in the areas of Management Systems Certification and Product Certification to provide a high-quality training offer backed by its excellent professionals and the international prestige of a recognized brand.

Give added value to your training with our master's degrees and courses.

IMQ Ibérica Business School


Bonified Training

It is a training system that makes a training credit available to companies on an annual basis. FUNDAE is in charge of promoting and coordinating the public policies execution regarding Vocational Training for workers under the General Social Security Regime. IMQ Ibérica BS processes the bonus faced with the FUNDAE if you wish.