If we now enjoy safer lives in our homes, in our streets, in businesses and when we travel, we owe something to IMQ that has focused its daily work, for almost 70 years, on anticipating the future to safeguard the present. IMQ has worked for quality and sustainability, conducting tests, audits, and inspections to ensure that products are safe, services are of high quality, and companies meet certain standards of excellence. Has worked to help its clients, whether in business, manufacturing or services, to take advantage of the value of their quality. And it has worked to ensure the safety of all of us, certifying the reliability of the products around us.

IMQ is one of the main actors in Europe in the field of conformity assessment. Backed by almost 70 years of operation, we are the ideal partner for companies, organizations and professionals who want to increase their value by certifying the safety, quality and performance of their work and products. We offer certification, testing, inspection and auditing services to support all major sectors of the manufacturing and service industries.

The reference sectors are multiple, ranging from electrical engineering to electronics, from telecommunications to automotive, from the gas sector to the facilities design, from construction products to agri-food products and renewable energy.

Our experience comes from working closely with manufacturers, companies, organizations and service providers operating in a wide range of sectors. All this translates into an important benefit for our clients, since it provides them an authorized partner, with extensive experience, who is a technical consultant for ministries and public authorities in audit matters to guarantee properly regulated markets, with high quality personnel. and member of the main working groups on international standards.

The integrity of the services provided is guaranteed thanks to the experience acquired in all these areas over decades by the companies of the IMQ group, which is made up of: IMQ S.p.A, CSI S.p.A., IMQ Intuity and IMQ Minded Security (Italy), IMQ Ibérica and IMQ Tecnocrea (Spain), IMQ Polska (Poland), IMQ Turkey (Turkey), IMQ Gulf (Dubai), IMQ Certification Shanghai Co. Ltd (China) and IMQ CSI Deutschland (Germany).