TECNOCREA began its career as a private equity laboratory in 1997. A company integrated within Sering Group under TECNOCERT brand until the end of 2019, when the company joined the IMQ Group shareholder and changed its name to IMQ TECNOCREA. Is a test laboratory divided into five areas of activity: SAFE Electrical Safety Laboratory, EMCO Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory, EMFI Electromagnetic Fields Exposure Measurement Laboratory CLIM Environmental and Climatic Tests Laboratory and LIFE Product Life Cycle Laboratory. All of them have qualified technicians with extensive experience in testing and requirements both at European level and for the rest of international markets. One of our main objectives, which has marked our strategy of international recognition, has been that our clients can access to many different markets with our tests, removing technical borders for their products, a point that is reinforced with the IMQ Group incorporation.


IMQ TECNOCREA offers testing services for all types of electrical and electronic products. In addition to the usual laboratory tests, we also offer certification evaluations carried out by laboratories in countries that are not members of the European Union, concrete failures analysis of any electrical or electronic product, information for companies to meet with the access requirements to most countries of the world, as well as personalized update and training services for each type of product and regulations, with the aim of keeping up-to-date on regulatory compliance to manufacturers who require it.


IMQ TECNOCREA differs from other laboratories for its proximity with the client and teamwork in all the projects. Our goal is that the testing and certification process performed is perceived by our customers as more than just a service.


We believe that certifications are necessary to comply with current legislation in the different countries where our clients commercialize their products, but they also help in most cases to manufacture higher quality products with the consequent increase in satisfaction of the market to which they are directed.

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