• ENAC accreditation for Electrical Safety, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electromagnetic and Climatic Fields tests in accordance with scope LE1076 / 2135.

  • License to use the ILAC MRA mark (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation and Mutual Recognition Agreement) for access to all signatory countries without additional requirements.

  • ETICS: ENEC Mark certified testing laboratory.

  • IEC - IECEE: IECEE CB Scheme certified testing laboratory.

  • Recognition by international organizations for exports to countries such as Morocco, Kuwait, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Gabon, Egypt, Niger or Iraq with CoC (Certification of Conformity) merchandise control systems.

  • Approval for access to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil or South Africa.

  • Bilateral agreements with laboratories and organizations in Mexico, Chile and Colombia, among others.

  • Support for access to other international markets: USA, Canada, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia.

We actively participate in the International Standardization Committees for the development of new editions of IEC standards, trying to clarify aspects of these standards, as well as adapt them to the needs of new products, technologies and even the manufacturers themselves.