NFC Programming of LED Driver Parameters Is Standardized by MD-SIG


Date: 20-03-2018

Members of MD-SIG, a lighting-industry consortium, have successfully standardized a digital, wireless programming approach using near-field communication (NFC).

NFC allows the manufacturer to wirelessly set the LED driver operating parameters, such as operating current, constant lumen output and dimming levels. This can be done on a manufacturing line without the need to apply mains voltage to the driver. MD-SIG members include leading global vendors of LED drivers, and some of these companies have already implemented different approaches to NFC programming. Now, these companies have agreed to harmonize their programming methods, and will use the ISO/IEC 15963 standard for NFC.

NFC programming is faster than traditional methods of LED driver programming, more feature-rich and flexible than resistor-setting techniques, and has a reduced training requirement for production-line staff. This technology could also offer new in-field services in the future e.g. installation and maintenance of street-lighting luminaires.

The NFC system uses a programming device, commonly known as an NFC reader, which wirelessly transfers the programming data to an NFC tag inside the LED driver. The parameters are programmed using a standardized NFC reader in combination with software that is specific to the LED driver vendor. A list of qualified NFC readers is available on the MD-SIG website

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