New standards map for household appliances


Date: 16-10-2023

The new map provides an overview of the safety and performance standards developed by the IEC that are available for a given type of electrical appliance. The appliances are separated into two categories – household and commercial – based on their usage and then further categorized by their function type (i.e. heating and cooling, cleaning, well-being, etc). A list of standards for product types is listed, including links to the standards.

According to Luise Christmann who served as the Convenor for JAHG 20, “The enthusiasm for this overview tool is incredible and the feedback has been very positive. Using this tool, it is possible for users to easily source and access the available standards relevant to the performance and safety of household appliances.”

IEC Mapping Platform

The IEC Mapping Platform provides a visual overview of the standards landscape using an easy-to-use interface. It graphically illustrates what standards exist and how they can be used together. Relationships between different working groups, subcommittees and committees are highlighted as well as areas where further standardization activities are needed. It also provides links to further, relevant information.

A Content Manager, in close coordination with the IEC Secretariat, designs the map, provides the inputs and ensures that the standardization map remains up to date. As a first step, an architecture model is developed followed by an inventory of the available data.

The IEC Mapping Platform is available to the IEC community including all IEC technical and advisory bodies. Technical experts can use it to better visualize their activities while standards users can better understand what standards are available and their relationship to each other.