Lighting must be included in EU renovation plan, says LIA


Date: 29-07-2020

LIGHTING MUST be part of European plans to renovate buildings across the continent, the Lighting Industry Association has said.

Renovation is at the heart of the European Green Deal and has been identified as a key driver for the European social and economic recovery after Covid-19. 

‘There cannot and should not be any renovation of buildings in Europe without upgrading the lighting installations’, said the LIA. ‘Lighting is essential to making a building more energy efficient but also to ensure an adequate Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)’.

The EU’s political commitment is backed up by financial support. 

The Commission proposes to reinforce the EU 2021-2027 budget by making available an additional 750 billion Euros under the new Next Generation EU financial instrument. 

Given the relatively labour-intensive nature of renovation and the fact that it matches the ‘green, digital and resilient’ ambition of the Commission recovery package, the document outlining the European Commission’s proposals talks of regulatory and financial support to ‘at least double the annual renovation rate of existing building stock’. 

A strategic communication on the Renovation Wave initiative and an action plan with concrete measures to deploy faster and deeper renovation is expected in the autumn.