Human-Centric Lighting for Schools, Hospitals, and Offices


Date: 25-06-2018

By Summer Albergotti and Marissa Keisler

With the advance of LED technology and the ability to control light output and color temperatures, facility managers are hearing about "human-centric lighting" and growing increasingly curious about how this new technology can be effectively utilized in a commercial and institutional environments like schools, hospitals, and offices. 

In a recent AIA study, architects and building owners noted they are beginning to place greater emphasis on the impact of design decisions on human health. Nearly 75 percent of architects and 67 percent of owners say health considerations now play a role in how their buildings are designed, indicating that healthy environments have become an important tool in marketing to faculty, students and staff. Advances in lighting technology are having an impact on this trend.  

For those unaware, lighting manufacturers now offer the option of changing the color temperature within a luminaire to create various environments within a space. In the past, changing “scenes” within the same space would require multiple luminaire types with different color temperatures.

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