Employees say lighting affects their productivity

Source: https://www.ledsmagazine.com/articles/2019/01/employees-say-lighting-affects-their-productivity.html?cmpid=enl_leds_leds_magazine_2019-01-23&pwhid=67bcf879ec31076ab2cab58eb937e7823f27144029466220a89f855a7a3c902cdbf6608a4524a04f25d1b0d2ed6e6023b75b27cd4d5c

Date: 24-01-2019

An overwhelming 77% of respondents in a British survey felt that lighting in the workplace can affect their productivity, with 33% saying that access to natural light is important and 32% saying they would be happy to work under artificial light that is designed to aid productivity.

Full disclosure: The survey of 1000 adults was conducted by a UK online retailer of solid-state lighting (SSL), LED Hut, so you might expect this sort of finding as a way to promote sales of bulbs and commercial light fittings.

That aside, it is notable that the vast majority of respondents are predisposed to connect office lighting conditions with their own output at work. The survey results suggest that whatever lighting’s direct biological effects are, humans at least psychologically react to illumination.

The results are more grist for the ever-expanding mill of human-centric lighting, which maintains that lights tuned to output at different brightness levels and with varying spectral content are optimal for different tasks and occasions, such as working, learning, paying attention, relaxing, waking up and so forth. In human-centric lighting designs, settings vary over the day to correspond with humans’ 24-hour circadian rhythms.

While a direct link to productivity has probably not yet been absolutely proven, anecdotal evidence and common.

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