Lens-free OLEDs as efficient as inorganic LEDs

Source: http://www.eenewsled.com/news/lens-free-oleds-efficient-inorganic-leds?news_id=111569

Date: 05-11-2018

For the first time, a team of researchers from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) designed a systematic way to yield OLEDs with an external quantum efficiency (EQE) greater than 50% with an external scattering medium. 

So far, highly efficient OLEDs were often achieved with a macroscopic lens or complex internal nanostructures, which undermines the key advantages of OLEDs as an affordable planar light sources and tends to hinder their stable operation, thus putting a limitation to their commercialization. 

Among various methods proven effective for OLED light extraction, a team led by Professor Seunghyup Yoo at the School of Electrical Engineering focused on the external scattering-based approach, as it can maintain planar geometry and compatibility with flexibility. It is also able to be fabricated on a large scale at a low cost and causes no interference with electrical properties of OLEDs.

Conventionally, research on enhancing OLED light extraction using light scattering has been conducted empirically in many cases. This time, the team developed comprehensive and analytical methodology to theoretically predict structures that maximize efficiency. 

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