New Lighting Standards Assist with Reporting Energy Data and Tagging Meta Data


Fecha: 23-08-2022

The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) has published two new standards for reporting energy data and tagging metadata.

ANSI C137.5 American National Standard for Lighting Systems—Energy Reporting Requirements for Lighting Devices specifies the minimum performance requirements necessary for lighting devices that report energy data. These requirements include the specific energy data types that need to be reported, the nominal and statistical accuracy performance for all reported data types, and references to other standards that define the information model for all data types.  

ANSI C137.6 American National Standard for Lighting Systems—Data Tagging Vocabulary (Semantic Model Elements) for Interoperability contains a controlled vocabulary of terms for lighting systems. These terms enable the development of semantic model elements, like tags, that facilitate the exchange of data and metadata used in lighting controls and analytics. The terms contained in this standard are for use by available semantic models such as, but not limited to, the future ASHRAE 223P standard, Project Haystack and Brick.