LG8 Lighting for museums and art galleries

Fuente: https://www.cibse.org/knowledge/knowledge-items/detail?id=a0q3Y00000Js8pLQAR

Fecha: 24-11-2021

This guide has been written in a time of unprecedented change in lighting. We have seen the advent of an entirely new type of light source — the LED. There is much new published work and guidance on the conservation of museum objects and designers are subject to considerable pressure to minimise energy use. We also have new legislation to deal with, which affects the availability of different types of lamp, and frequently updated Building Regulations limiting energy use in buildings of all types. The 'Internet of Things' and 'smart lighting' are making a huge range of changes in the control of lighting. We have aimed to capture much of this change in this new edition of the guide. The presence of sensitive materials that can be damaged by light introduces another range of challenges not normally encountered in general lighting practice.