First Zhaga-NFC Programmable Devices Earn Certification


Fecha: 12-05-2023

Manufacturers of LED luminaires currently use a variety of programming methods to set the operating characteristics of LED drivers inside luminaires. Zhaga has standardized a digital, wireless programming approach using near-field communication (NFC).  Implementation details about programming software and verification methods are also specified.

Markus Wagenseil, Segment Manager Outdoor at Tridonic: “Interoperability between NFC readers and NFC-programmable lighting components is required for NFC to be adopted for on-site programming. We therefore eradicate the interoperability problems between Bluetooth NFC maintenance interfaces and LED drivers.”

Book 24 describes the programming of luminaire components using NFC and Book 25, which was published in February 2022, defines a Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol for the communication between the field-maintenance application on a smart device and the NFC reader. These Zhaga specifications solve the data management problems of smart luminaires with interoperable maintenance tools enabling configurable luminaires easy to service over their entire lifecycle.

Details about the products are shown in the Zhaga product database. Certification is issued only after verification by independent testing. Zhaga-NFC certification builds trust in the interoperability of NFC readers and NFC programmable luminaire components such as drivers and field-maintenance applications.