6G LiFi Technology

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Fecha: 10-05-2023

Professor Harald Haas, Director of Strathclyde’s LiFi Research and Development Centre, has received a Humboldt Research Award for his research achievements to date. This award enables him to collaborate on a topic of choice with Professor Robert Schober at FAU.

The collaboration will investigate the use of point-to-point free space optical (FSO) communications to provide an effective solution to the ‘digital divide’ through 6G communications.

The project will also explore THz (terahertz) communications, on frequencies between 300 GHz (gigahertz) and 10 THz, as well as optical wireless communications, between 10 THz and 1 PHz (petahertz).

In addition, the research will examine the use of reconfigurable intelligent surfaces (RIS) for all potential 6G frequency bands. RIS are electromagnetic devices with electronically controllable characteristics, which can manipulate the impact of an incoming signal.