Zhaga Enables Mechanical IoT-Upgradability for Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

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Fecha: 18-12-2018

Zhaga’s first concrete contribution to IoT is the recently completed Book 18 Ed. 1.0 that specifies the mechanical interface between outdoor LED luminaires and extension modules (Figure 1). This specification makes it easy to upgrade conforming outdoor LED fixtures by adding or changing 24 V modules that provide sensing and communication capabilities. This adds flexibility and value to these luminaires and gives assurance to our end-customers that the luminaires are future proof.

In this article, we first introduce connectivity interfaces, their use in smart city scenarios: stressing the value of standardization, interoperability, and certification. Next, we zoom in on the technical features of Book 18 Ed. 1.0, which defines the mechanical aspects of the interface; including topics like vendor differentiation and a benchmark against NEMA C136.10. Lastly, we sketch the path towards Book 18 Ed. 2.0, which will additionally specify the electrical and control aspects of the interface, covering our collaboration with the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance (DiiA) and how to move from a mechanical interface to a plug-and-play interoperable proposition, driving growth for the lighting industry.

Smart City Scenarios

The lighting industry is keen to play a central role in the business that comes along with emerging smart-city propositions, and definitely has a right to this role because of the access to the power grid offered by outdoor luminaires and their high density in cities.

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