World’s first Li-Fi light panel launched


Fecha: 06-03-2018

A US TECHNOLOGY company has introduced the world’s first LED panel with integrated Li-Fi.

It can deliver data such as the internet to computers and other devices using the visible light of the LEDs rather than the radio waves of Wi-Fi.

Developed by Virginia-based VLNComm, the panel is capable of a download speed of 108Mbps and an upload speed of 53Mbps, and provides 48 square metres of coverage.

Around 15 users can simultaneously receive data through the use of standard white LEDs.

‘This is a truly revolutionary development,’ the company’s chief technology officer Dr. Mohammad Noshad told Lux. ‘It shows the world what Li-Fi is capable of.

‘What discriminates Li-Fi is that it has no electromagnetic interference. It offers enhanced security, is safer [than Wi-Fi] and provides access to a larger amount of available spectrum.’

The LED is paired with a dongle – the size of a memory stick –  which allows devices such as laptops and tablets to communicate in both directions with the luminaire.

The introduction of the LED panel follows the launch of a slew of Li-Fi luminaires at the LuxLive 2017 exhibition in London in November.

The first off-the-shelf certified products made their debut at the show, including downlights, battens and drivers.

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