Tech-Talks BREGENZ - Dr. Octavio Perez, Adjunctant Researcher, Mt. Sinai Hospital


Fecha: 02-08-2019

Dr. Perez received the LED professional Scientific Award 2018 for his paper on "Light and ED Clinical Wellness and Performance Improvement", which was published in LpR 70. The evaluation jury had the following to say about why they selected his paper: "The paper is based on the clear definition of the research question, hypothesis and objective of the research. The methodology of the screening study is described in detail and both subjective and objective parameters have been measured. Although Emergency Department lighting is a very special application, the paper provides interesting results." This interview provides background information on Octavio Perez, his work in general, his opinion on human centric lighting risks, opportunities and applications and how he became involved in this interesting research topic. Dr. Perez also provides additional details about the presented paper.