Optical radiation should be chief among concerns

Fuente: https://www.ies.org/lda-magazine/featured-content/safety-assessing-horticultural-lighting/

Fecha: 05-09-2022

While the sheer mention of horticulture lights can bring out a snicker in those of us thinking about recreational marijuana and Cheech and Chong in the 1978 cult classic Up in Smoke, the use and design of horticultural lighting systems is an extremely important and serious topic. The use of artificial light to grow crops will increase exponentially over the next two decades as populations explode and environmental conditions deteriorate. Read on and enter into the amazing world using artificial photons to safely grow life sustaining crops.

It’s no secret that as planet Earth becomes increasingly more populated one of the many challenges society will face is how to grow enough crops for the masses quickly, and with better yields. For a myriad of reasons such as unpredictable weather patterns, lack of irrigation water, insect infestation or available land, farming on acreage will be less and less possible or even desirable. The need to increase product yield of crops per acre of land will become a paramount goal for farmers now, and well into the future.