LED Lighting Warranties, a new approach to help the market

Fuente: https://lux-tsi.com/led-lighting-warranties-a-new-approach-to-help-the-market/

Fecha: 12-06-2018

The introduction of LEDs into the Lighting market has completely disrupted the sector with huge changes in the supply chain and the range of products and speed of innovation in this otherwise slow growing market sector.

New technologies in the form of LEDs, drivers, optics, luminaire, module and lamp form factors create a potential for differentiation which was previously very difficult with the traditional glass and glass “bulbs” . Introduce the aspects associated with SMART lighting and IoT connectivity and we have many other elements concerning product performance and new issues such as data security and protection from cyber attack.

The differentiation and diverse supply chain has created many problems for end users and specifiers to understand how to be confident in the data supplied to them by the manufacturer. Trust is enabled through reliance on the larger more established brands in the market but this can lead to the smaller more innovative manufacturers with a problem in overcoming the gap in trust. Many smaller companies spend a lot of time and money to educate the market about the steps they take to ensure compliance and product reliability.

In Europe the CE mark does not provide the necessary confidence that the product complies with all the requirements necessary to meet the requirements for safety, EMC, ecodesign and RoHS regulations.

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