How tech savvy leaders stay ahead of the game


Fecha: 02-10-2018

Business operations are often complex, involving data rich systems which provide diverse services. With new technology comes different terminology, definitions, ways of doing things, opportunities for innovation and new threats to business viability.

The great challenge for the leadership and management of public, private and not-for-profit organizations is to stay up to date with this evolution, in order to survive and maintain a competitive advantage.


The importance of standards

For decades standards have contributed to the organization of businesses and how they operate. In particular, the International Standards produced by the IEC and ISO Joint Technical Committee for information technology (ISO/IEC JTC 1). The broad scope of JTC 1 work covered by its subcommittees (SCs) includes among others artificial intelligence (AI), biometrics, internet of things (IoT), information technology security techniques and IT service management and governance.

Given that IT has penetrated most industries in the modern global economy, Standards benefit all these sectors. They address the specification, design, development, integration and interoperability of systems, services, tools and applications.

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