Experts Discuss Circadian Lighting at NLB Forum


Fecha: 21-01-2020

While some lighting designers are taking a wait and see attitude about circadian lighting, others are taking a proactive stance. The industry may not agree on the same numbers, but there is consensus that more light in the day is positive for circadian stimulus. A panel of three experts at the National Lighting Bureau’s Annual Lighting Forum discussed these issues, focusing on the question whether the industry should wait for more research or begin implementing what we know today.

Moderated by Randy Reid, the Bureau’s Executive Director and Editor of EdisonReport, the experts included Karen Murphy, HDR; Jay Goodman, Healthe, a Lighting Science Company; and Omar Rivera, formerly with LEDVANCE and now with Orion Energy Systems.

The panel defined and discussed the importance of circadian balance during the day, which helps people sleep at night. Rivera offered a specific recommendation for blue light reduction at night. Murphy discussed the importance of finding early adopters in an effort to get better metrics. Goodman emphasized the importance of the peak melanopic sensitivity of the retinal ganglion cells and explained that sunlight has a lot of natural 480-nanometer peak, which is lacking in typical LEDs.