Fecha: 18-01-2017

We have recently completed a few architectural green infrastructure lighting projects and faced a number of challenges in sourcing the right fixtures for the application. The following post will take you through the journey that we have experienced in overcoming these challenges and also provide some guidance in selecting lighting fixtures for green infrastructures in urban context.




?In recent years, the trend in using green infrastructures such as greenwalls and greenroofs to provide connection to nature in the urban indoor context is obviously growing fast. This trend is so popular that large corporates such as Sofitel, Qantas, Google, etc. start implementing these green elements into their spaces. Needless to say those elements not only play an important role in interior design in providing a whole different world of living textures and colours that pleases the eye; they also contribute to better micro-ecosystems which makes earth a greener place.


Lighting for the green features is not only crucial in providing the highlight but also to support the plants growth. Lighting designers often see themselves facing the requirements of providing high colour rendition as well as horticultural lighting for growing of the plants. To top up the challenges, the light fixtures often need to be compact and hospitality/commercial friendly which are the opposite of what these lights are made for - plantation environments where the look of fittings is less of a concern.