A Revolution in Optics from IQ Structures

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Fecha: 06-03-2018

ANOPTIQS lenses are suitable for all types of luminaires and can be designed for linear lighting, down lights, spotlights, wall wash and other applications. They can also be used in automobiles.

This innovation is brought to the market by IQ Structures, the world leader in computer-generated optical and holographic components.

IQ Structures won an award in the International Design Plus Competition in January 2018 for their “COB-NANOPTIQS flat lens”, as well as the IHMA Award for a synthetic computer-generated hologram in November 2017.

The arrival of the revolutionary Nanoptiqs lens meets the prediction of the research and consulting firm Lux Research, which predicted back in 2013 that major changes on the lighting market will be coupled with the LEDs and linked advanced technologies. IQ Structures brings an absolutely new direction, which will accelerate the lighting market, change the design of light fixtures, output performance, and bring new, previously unimaginable, features.

“NANOPTIQS lenses are currently positioned in front of LED light sources, as is the case with conventional, commercially available lenses. In addition, IQ Structures, together with the company Crytur, is developing the first application of NANOPTIQS used directly on the surface of LED phosphor lamps,” says Tomáš T?thal, CEO of IQ Structures.

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