Paradigm Changes in Lighting Are Challenging Lighting Companies


Date: 03-09-2020

The current era of electronic and software control within the lighting industry is a cause of major disruption, which is pushing many companies to invest heavily in wireless technologies as a form of future insurance against obsolescence.

A common problem of adoption is that there is no real industry standardization due to most companies opting to go proprietary to lock-in its customers within their ecosystem. Without the desire to create an open platform, there is too much fragmentation, and most single brands end up failing because of the inability to scale up.

Some non-lighting companies like Silvair, WiZ connected and Casambi are trying to push their systems to the lighting manufacturers in order to provide easier access of connected solutions. However, the transition to wireless systems for lighting manufacturers can still be a burdensome step forward. This requires basic electronic knowledge, proper testing tools, adapted marketing strategies, specific training, and qualified after-sales services.