Improving the Heat Tolerance And Efficiency Of Devices


Date: 25-05-2020

Penn State University engineers have come up with a new technique for making devices more efficient and tolerant of heat. Researchers designed a scalable method that can be used to increase both the electric breakdown strength as well as the electric storage efficiency of a device’s electrical system. This is unprecedented, as traditionally one of these properties increasing inevitably leads to a decrease in the other.

In order to achieve this, engineers to a dielectric capacitor and altered it. A dielectric capacitor is a device that regulates and stores energy. It is regularly used in a variety of consumer electronics and electric systems. Researchers then took dopants and used them to increase the storage capacity of the dielectric capacitor. At the same time, the engineers modified the dielectric capacitor to increase its electric charge efficiency. This gave the capacitor the ability to withstand greater voltage without suffering significant energy loss — even at temperatures surpassing 300 degrees Fahrenheit.