DOE publishes research on LED lumen and chromaticity maintenance or shift


Date: 03-08-2020

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has published new research that is based on analysis of LM-80 testing datasets of 223 separate packaged LEDs to discern component behavior over time relative to lumen maintenance and to chromaticity shift. The analysis considers four different package types that generally correspond to what we would call mid-power, high-power, chip-on-board (COB), and chip-scale package (CSP) LEDs. The analysis reveals relatively predictable and acceptable lumen maintenance performance for all LED types but vastly different chromaticity shift characteristics — data that can be vital to solid-state lighting (SSL) manufacturers, lighting designers/specifiers, and others.

The authors of the report are Lynn Davis, a fellow in engineering research at RTI International, and Monica Hansen, principal at consultancy LED Lighting Advisors. That same duo was behind a similar report back in 2015 that was solely focused on lumen maintenance. We did not publish a news story on that earlier report, but we did publish a contributed article from the authors of the report leading up to a presentation the duo made at Strategies in Light 2015.